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Title Professor
Field of Study Precision Machining
Subjects Laboratory for the Fundamentals of Engineering (1st grade)
Fundamentals of Exercises on Production Systems (2nd grade production systems)
Fundamentals of Industrial Mechanics (2nd grade production systems)
Industrial Mechanics(3rd grade Mechanical Engineering Course)
   Applied Physics I(3rd grade Material and Environment Engineering)
   Design & DrawingII (4th grade Mechanical Engineering Course)
   CAD/CAM/CAEI(4th grade Design Processing Study Course)
Precision Machining (4th grade Design Processing Study Course)
Heat Transfer Engineering (4th grade Design Processing and Energy Study Course)
Outline of Production Processing (5th Production Sytems Engineering)
Science and Technology English(5th Production Systems Engineering)
Graduation Research (5th Production Systems Engineering)
Introduction to Mechanical Engineering (1st Advanced Course)
   Advanced Precision Manufacturing (1st Advanced Course)

Heat Transfer
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
Committees Director of Techno Center
Clubs Baseball Club

Machining & Design Circle
Extensin Courses Basics to Utilize PC-CAD
2003/11/08--12/6; every Saturday
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