Our Educational Philosophy

●Education Mottoes

Thou shall dream, aspire and be strong

●Educational Objectives

Nowadays, engineers are required to possess basic academic skills to meet a wide variety of rapidly changing societal needs and have the capability to apply practically their knowledge to solve complex engineering problems. In particular, it is urgently necessary to establish sustainable industrial and social systems in accordance with
environmentally friendly food supply and energy development, and with social security and disaster prevention. Therefore, there is a great need for outstanding professionals who will cope with the problems.Colleges of National Institute of Technology prepare a wide variety of basic and applied subjects through a 5-year continuous educational program. Students can develop academic abilities equivalent to graduates of engineering schools at 4-year universities. Colleges of NIT have received high praise from the
industrial sectors for this educational program which effectively offers a continuous education from a high school level to a university level.

In response to the advancement of science and technology and the emergence of new engineering fields, three departments, namely Department of Production Systems Engineering, Department of Material and Environmental Engineering, and Department of Civil Engineering was newly established in April 2013 at NIT Hakodate College reforming five
traditional departments. The most up-to-date equipment and facilities facilitate education and research. We attach great importance to education, career guidance and mental-health care, preparing Study Support Center, Career Education Support Center and Counseling Center. The students are educated to acquire enough basic scholastic ability that serves as the basis for further expertise, and will become practical engineers after their graduation.

Graduates of our college are able to choose various careers from employment, enrolment in our Advanced Course (2 years), transfer to a university, to further research at a graduate school. Students who have completed our Advanced Course are presented with the academic degree of Bachelor in Engineering, accredited by the National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation. In the Advanced Course of NIT Hakodate College, students develop further their research which they conducted in the college and participate in programs such as ‘engineering inheritance education”, in which corporate engineers acts as mentors and provide instruction. Such programs allow students to acquire planning ability and communication skills, and to refine their practical presentation skills. In this way, NIT Hakodate College is implementing new programs to meet societal needs and to cultivate professionals who can work successfully with international colleagues.


In the spirit of Japan’s Fundamental Law of Education and the School Education Act, our college seeks to provide instruction in deep, specialized academic abilities and to cultivate the abilities necessary for employment.

●Educational Purpose

In addition to cultivating creative professionals that possess the practical and specialized knowledge and skill required in engineers, our college seeks to improve the standards of practical research and to achieve balanced growth as the only comprehensive institution of higher education in engineering in the southern Hokkaido region.

●Educational Purpose

In addition to cultivating outstanding engineers, our school seeks to contribute to the growth of regional society and regional corporations through technical consultation and joint research. By utilizing our practical engineering education and our status as a school imbedded in the community, our college seeks to become an institution of higher education which is unique and different from conventional universities. Our education goals include the cultivation of the abilities listed on the right, which are considered to be essential for engineers who work efficiently and effectively in various fields of the regional, Japanese and global society.

●Admission Policies

In order to produce engineers in accordance with our educational goals,
Hakodate National College of Technology looks forward to accepting
students that possess the qualities listed below.