●Main Event

April Spring Vacation Apr, Entrance Ceremony, Orientation for the 1stGrade, Opening Ceremony;
Welcome Reception for the 1stGrade, Foundation Anniversary
May Advanced Course Entrance Examination for Referral
June 1st Examination(Regular Course), Athletic Meet, Advanced Course Entrance Examination(1st)
July Athletic Meet of Hokkaido N.I.T , 1stExamination(AdvancedCourse), 2ndExamination(RegularCourse)
August Summer Vacation, On-the-Job Training(4thGrate),
Junior High Pupils ‘Visittoour College, Examination for Admissionin to 4th Grade,
Athletic Meet of All-Japan N.I.T , On-the-Job Training of Advanced Course Students
September All Hokkaido N.I.Ts Joint Explanatory,
Meeting for Entrance Examination(Sapporo City) , Substitute Holiday
October Athletic Meet of Hokkaido N.I.T (Rugby Football),
Hokkaido District Inter-Collegiate Robot Contest, College Festiva
November Open College, PTA Meeting,
National Inter-Collegiate Robot Contest, 3rd Examination(Regular Course),
Advanced Course Entrance Examination(2nd), Advanced Course Special Entrance Examination for Member of Society
December Winter Sports Meet, Winter Vacation
January Athletic Meet of All-Japan N.I.T(Rugby Football),
Entrance Examination through the Recommendation Process
February Presentation of the Results Graduation Study,
Advanced Course Special Research II, Presentation Meeting,
Final Examination(1stGrade~5thGrade), Final Examination(1st Grade of Advanced Course),
Entrance Examination
March Farewell Party, Year-End Vacation, Graduation Ceremony・Graduation Ceremony of AdvancedCours